Are you looking for a builder to partner with on an upcoming apartment project? Extensive experience working on high rise commercial buildings and apartments ensures that your investment is in safe and capable hands.

Unit Sites

Building multiple homes, whether a duplex or 10- unit development, can be a great investment but it requires an in depth understanding of the requirements and complexities involved. With experience in this area we are familiar with extra factors that need to be taken into account including sewer, power, drainage, and correct zoning, plus our meticulous and methodical approach means that everything will run smoothly.

Tilt Panel Factories

Tilt slab panels can save time and labour when planned properly, but experience is essential because of the risks involved. Nash Builders has worked on numerous projects utilising tilt up panels, and will ensure that the construction is performed in a safe and efficient manner while coordinating the whole process.

Special Projects

Need something a little different? We love taking on special projects, and our years of experience in various areas of the building industry plus the flexibility of a smaller company means that we are in a great position to take it on- Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.